Returns, Pirates, and Readathons | Sunday Survey

Sunday Survey

Sunday Survey is a weekly feature where I wrap up and shout out some of my favorite posts from other bloggers, booktubers, instagrammers, etc. from the previous week.

  • Emily Jean made her triumphant (and seductive) return to booktube.
  • Lauren talked about her recent discussion with an author at BEA, their publishers demand for a love triangle in a book that originally wasn’t going to have one, and what that implies for the future of love triangle plots (hint hint.. they probably aren’t going anywhere despite our protests).
  • Bekah discussed her favorite books of 2015 (so far). I always get new recommendations from her and this was no exception.
  • The girls of Carpe Librum announced the Rainbow Readathon (June 15-22)! I sadly will not be able to participate (grad school… ugh) but it is such a fun idea! #rainbowthon
  • Amy spotlighted Blackhearts in her Waiting on Wednesday post for this week. This is the first I’ve heard of this book BUT HOLY CRAP I’M SO EXCITED!

Please let me know about any posts you enjoyed this week!

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