Favorite Books of the Year (So Far!) | Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is the top 10 books I’ve read so far this year!

10. Tiger lily by jodi lynn anderson

tigerlilyI read Tiger Lily during Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon in April and I loved it way more than expected. It was haunting and beautiful. I still think about it.


9. The Sky is everywhere by jandy nelson

theskyiseverywhereI was cautiously optimistic about this one. I heard wonderful things about Jandy’s books, but I’ve been burned before. I was not disappointed. It handled a difficult topic with grace, and turned a very hated trope in YA into something with more substance then I’ve seen in a while. I will now read anything Jandy Nelson writes.


8. none of the above by i.w.gregorio

noneoftheaboveThis is a recent read for me, and I was blown away. The main character is intersex, which is a topic that I have never read about before. This book handles the topic with grace while also being very informative about a topic that is frequently brushed under the rug.

Review coming in July.

7. The wicked + the divine: vol. 1 The faust act

TheWickedAndDivine_vol1-1The Wicked + The Divine has become my favorite graphic novel series, right next to Saga. I find the art stunning, and the story line has me intrigued. I cannot wait until the next volume’s release next month.


6. the girl of fire and thorns trilogy by rae carson

thebitterkingdomI marathoned this entire series in May, but if I had to choose a favorite of the trilogy, it would be The Bitter Kingdom. It was such a fantastic and satisfying conclusion to a very strong trilogy.


5. we were liars by e. lockhart

we were liarsI steered clear of this book for the last year due to the hype. Even then, I wasn’t in any hurry to read it and decided to grab it on audiobook. It blew me away. I loved the narration, and I was so pulled into the story that I didn’t even look for the famous twist that so many people referenced in their reviews.


4. gathering darkness by morgan rhodes

Gathering DarknessThe third book in one of my favorite fantasy series, of course it was a favorite. This was the first book I read this year and I could not have been more pleased to start the year on a high note.


Series Review (so far!)

3. The winner’s crime by marie rutkoski

11265077I’m still in pain from this sequel to The Winner’s Curse. I need the last book immediately. I needed it yesterday.


2. the final empire by brandon sanderson

final-empireAnother book I put off for fear of the hype and I again, was not disappointed. I still think about this book almost daily, and I have not yet been able to put my thoughts into a coherent review. I cannot wait to get to the last two books in the series.

1. the grisha trilogy by leigh bardugo

siegeandstormThis should come as no surprise to anyone, as The Grisha Trilogy has pretty much defined my reading year thus far. This was the first series that I marathon read this year, and it has stuck with me. The Grisha Trilogy is now the bar that I hold every other YA fantasy series up against. If I had to pick a favorite book from the series, it would be Siege and Storm, but all of them hold a special place in my heart.


What have been your favorite reads from this year so far?

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11 thoughts on “Favorite Books of the Year (So Far!) | Top 10 Tuesday

  1. Theodora says:

    My favourite book(s) of this year so far has to be the Throne of Glass series, Heir of Fire in particular. I read the first book earlier last year and at the beginning of this year I read the novella collection and the other two books that are out, and Heir of Fire was all I ever wanted from Celaena… kind of.
    I’ve only read 14 books this year (I know, I know, it’s such a small amount) but, in my defence, school just came to an end after a particulary busy year and I hope to read more this summer.
    The Grisha would be on my list, had there been another ending. Ruin & Rising is the most recent book I finished and I still feel bitter about the last 50 or so pages.
    Another favourite of mine would be..um.. perhaps A Darker Shade Of Magic? I literally have no idea.
    Do rereads count? Because if they do, then The Night Circus is another favourite of mine 🙂


    • thoughtsontomes says:

      14 books is still really good! Just remember that so many people don’t even read 1 book a year 🙂
      Haha I felt better about Ruin & RIsing over time. Maybe it will settle with you as well. I’m still annoyed, but I’ve come to terms with it… sort of. lol
      Yes re-reads count! The NIght Circus is a perfect choice.


  2. Bonnie @ A Backwards Story says:

    OMG, TIGER LILY!!! I wasn’t CRAZY in love like everyone else, but I still enjoyed (not the right word but YOU KNOW) that book so much. Ahhh, the feels!! Eep, I still have to read my copy of THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. I wasn’t super enamored with I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN like everyone else in the world was *hides* buuuuut this is a friend’s favorite book, so I still want to read it. Seeing you love it has it bumping up my list!! NONE OF THE ABOVE, yaaay! I love Ilene ❤ I am so proud of how well her debut is doing!!! Um, I have never heard of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE. I need to look into this one, thanks! Ahhh, and Rae Carson! *flails* Love love love love love!!! TBK is my favorite as well! It was my entire book of the year when it came out!!! I accidentally guessed WE WERE LIARS (Not thinking it was really going to happen) from the beginning, which tainted my read a little ^^;; And I need to catch up on Morgan Rhodes! I read the first book and it was OKAY. I decided to wait until all 3 were out, but now it's 5 or 6 books and I hear it's amazing now, so I'm going to bite the bullet!! Annnnd I very badly wanted to read THE WINNER'S CRIME, but I know there will probably be no ARCs of the third book, soooo I won't do that to myself and am going to binge next year! Knowing it pained you makes me think this is the right decision! Oooh, and I still need to read my copy of the first MISTBORN book! And yaaaay, Grisha! Another series I love! See? We so have very similar tastes, my new friend! ^.~


    • thoughtsontomes says:

      Ah that sucks about We Were Liars. I was completely into the story that I didn’t even think about the twist.
      You absolutely have to catch up with Falling Kingdoms. Each book keeps getting better.
      Good choice on The Winner’s Crime. It is painful.


  3. thenightgirl says:

    This list!! I loved many of them and still have to read a few of them. It’s great seeing love for The Bitter Kingdom still!


  4. abouttoread says:

    I actually haven’t read most of these but a lot of them are on my TBR. I wish I had more time to just read, read, read!


  5. carl winters says:

    My favorite read this year and actually a favorite in many years prior was Jeremiah’s Ghost by Isaac Constantine (http://www.knightoffaith.com).
    The story follows the self reflection and soul searching journey of a man who was abused by his father as a child. The book touches on many sensitive areas that we can all relate to as we become adults and look back on our earlier life. In that sense the book is very powerful and can bring up a lot of feelings in the reader. Despite the somber tone throughout this book, I was still left with a really uplifting and liberated feeling. I highly recommend giving this one a shot. Beautifully written and one of the most interesting characters I have read in a long while.


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