Book Community Shoutouts!

This is an extension of the Booktuber Shoutouts Tag, which I did here on my channel today. I felt that a lot of the questions could be carried over into the rest of the book community and wanted to shout out some of my faves from other platforms as well.The questions aren’t exactly the same, as I tweaked them a little for this!

1. Who inspired you to start a blog/booklr/bookstagram/etc?

I don’t have any answer for this one, as it was very much a group effort. Once I started booktube and discovered all of the other platforms people discuss books on, I wanted to be involved in all of them! A lot of the people who inspire me are listed in the other questions.

2. Whose creativity do you love?

Blogger: I adore Tiffany‘s blog from About To Read. She is also a booktuber. Her blog posts are always super creative. She has a Fairytale Fashions feature where she talks about bookish related merchandise that she’s found that I really enjoy.

Booklr: How can I not mention the edits of the amazing Scarlett? Her photosets are always so stunning, and I always reblog whatever new work she puts out. She typically posts a lot of sets for the Throne of Glass fandom, but she’s having to take a break as another blog keeps stealing her work. :(((( I hope she is able to get back to it soon!

Bookstagram: There are so many creative bookstagrammers out there. Some of my favorite photos come from Tracey of youngadultbookaddict, Christine of weereader, Ziba.Reads, and Ursula of ursula-uriarte.

3. Whose positivity do you love?

Alexa from Alexa Loves Books stands out to me with her positivity. She organized this year’s Book Blogger Love-a-thon, which is a week long event for bloggers to spread the love and positivity. It was one of the first blogging events I took part in and was a lot of fun.

4. Whose honesty do you admire?

Lauren from Love is Not a Triangle. As it is probably obvious from her blog title, she is not a fan of love triangles. While I personally don’t have a problem with them, and sometimes love them, she is not a fan and even has a whole system in place for how to rank them. She also has a scale for cliffhangers in different series, which is really helpful.

5. Who always makes you laugh?

Kat Kennedy from Cuddlebuggery. She is hysterical and we have a very similar sense of humor, so I’m always cracking up when reading her posts. She recently did a post on how to request ARCs… as a dinosaur. She is a gem. All of the lovely ladies who run that blog are awesome!

6. Who is super friendly?

Jamie of The Broke and the Bookish. Another blog run by a lot of awesome people. Jamie is someone I see often around twitter, chatting with anyone and everyone, and I love how social she is. She is a very welcoming person.

7. Who always makes you add books to your TBR?

Honestly, who doesn’t? Everyone I follow makes me add books to my TBR. Most recently though, Sarah from What Sarah Read has consistently made me add books to my TBR. It seems like everything she mentions lately is something I want to get my hands on.

That’s all for today! I also shout out posts from other members of the book community weekly in my Sunday Survey posts, so if you like my recommendations, feel free to check out more there.

Let me know who some of your favorite content creators are in the book world!

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