Back from Hiatus!

Hello all! I’m finally bringing this blog out of temporary and unplanned hiatus.

While I’ve been ill, I’ve continued to upload on my channel but I had to let the blog fall behind a bit. It was unplanned, and by time I realized I had to put it on hiatus, it had already been that way for a little while. But now it is up and running again. I’ve queued up a number of reviews, including reviews that had been posted on my channel during this hiatus, as well as new written reviews.

I also plan on doing some spring cleaning, and sprucing up the design a bit, so if anyone has recommendations for some good places for layouts, I’d be grateful πŸ™‚

Thank you all for sticking with me!


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5 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus!

  1. brainsandbooks says:

    Saaaaam yes omg!! For designs it depends, I only know about ones like nosegraze who have managed hosting and also loads of designs to choose from and there are so many great ones on etsy!! ☺️


    • thoughtsontomes says:

      I’ve been checking out Nosegraze’s stuff and I’m REALLY considering self-hosting and buying a cute theme. Those plugins for self hosting make things so much easier and I think I’d like the blog even more as an extension of my channel!


      • brainsandbooks says:

        yeah I have one and it makes like so much easier omg, like I know nothing about computers and techy stuff lmao so hosting is perf for me honestly, you should totally do it!! if you sign up it comes with liek 40ish themes and its gr8!!


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